Whispering Darkness

Brenda Hutcheson Fickey

The Reluctant Reader's Friend

The afternoon sun was warm, but it was still just springtime. The woods held some of the coolness of the nights, especially lately with the rain. It had been a wet spring. The river had flooded over its banks, putting this whole area under at least ten feet of water. The leaves hadn't dried up completely, so Hank's footsteps were soft as he made his way to the river. The birds filled the air with music while crickets, cicadas, and frogs joined the chorus, filling the woods with enough noise to block any real thinking.
Hank left the woods just below Catfish Haven. Daniel waved at him as he left the woods on the other side of their fishing hole. They ran to the big flat rock that gave them the best place to sit and watch their lines from above the waterline.
"The water's still a little high from the April rains," Daniel said. "Do you think the catfish will be biting today?"
"I don't know," Hank said, disinterested.
"What's the matter with you? I thought you wanted to go fishing."
"Actually, Daniel, I just needed to get away from everything and everybody."
"Okay. But why?"
"Do you think dreams mean anything?"
"Dreams? I don't know. I've never thought about it before."
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