Whispering Darkness

Brenda Hutcheson Fickey

The Reluctant Reader's Friend

Hank got his fishing pole from the back porch, the can of worms he had collected from the chicken yard, the bucket he'd made from a coffee can, and headed for the woods at the edge of the Baker property. He hesitated before entering the woods, but soon found the familiar shortcut trail to the Ouachita River. Hank and Daniel had found a great fishing hole in a bend not far from Spoon Bend. The catfish were always feeding on the bottom there. Hank's favorite meal was Ma's deep fried catfish and cole slaw.

The boys nicknamed the spot Catfish Haven because they never went home empty-handed after fishing there. It was also the best place for them to talk and plan their lives. Hank wanted to be a newspaper reporter; Daniel wanted to be the next Sherlock Holmes.
Today, Hank had other things on his mind. The dreams were getting more intense. Maybe Daniel can help me figure out what they mean.
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