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Brenda Hutcheson Fickey

The Reluctant Reader's Friend

The adventures of Hank and his friends begin here in the Arkansas Oil Days Series. Hank Baker is alone in his belief that his father is still alive. Corporal Baker was declared missing seven years earlier, after the Battle of Belleau Wood in France at the end of World War I. When Hank finds a skeleton in the woods near his family's property, questions arise about who it was. He decides to investigate the mystery on his own with the help of two friends. Will he discover the skeleton is his missing father or someone else? In 1925, South Arkansas is in the middle of an oil boom, and the woods are filled with stills that smell of bootleg whiskey. It is the backdrop for more adventure than Hank bargains for as he, Daniel, and Beth Ann uncover the truth about the skeleton.
The adventures continue here in the Arkansas Oil Days Series! Twelve-year-old Hank Baker is in crisis. His hero father is dead; a bully from Snow Hill is threatening his family and friends; and the Ku Klux Klan is operating near his home in Farmville, with ominous plans for Granny Rose and the peaceful community of Beech Hill. All of this sets Hank and his best friends, Daniel and Beth Ann, in a fight against a dangerous enemy in the areas surrounding the oilfields of Southern Arkansas in the summer of 1925. Add to this the appearance of a large, mysterious creature and the disappearance of several people, and questions beg for answers.
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