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The Arkansas Oil Days Series is gaining popularity as each new book is released to the market. Currently, I have three books available. These may be purchased through,, and Signed copies can be purchased through my store. From time to time, I offer special discounts from my website store. For September, I am conducting a Back-to-School Sale for teachers and students. In October, I will be conducting a special Christmas Sale for delivery in time for Christmas gifts. These sales will include special discounts for a limited time only. When a new book is under contract, I conduct a PreSale Event so fans can get a copy from the first batch to come off the press. Check out the store for more information as it comes available and is applicable.

I am also starting some interactive blog spots. One is for teachers to interact with me directly or other teachers who have used or are using my books in the classroom. Another is for students to interact with me directly or other students and fans of my books. A third blog is for the general public to interact with me on a variety of subjects for use in future plots and storylines. Watch this page for information about these blogs and how to get on them.

One of my goals is to have my books used in classrooms. I hope they will meet the standards for AR listing and literacy listing. When possible, I enjoy coming to classrooms and interacting with the students directly. When that is not possible, I hope to use the internet to interact with students as with other distance education opportunities. Keep watching this page for when this will be available, too. I enjoyed 28 successful years in the classroom because I wanted to make a difference in children's educational experiences. It is my sincerest goal to be able to continue this endeavor with my books. With these new connections and my continuing to write the stories readers want, it can happen!
What's New!
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